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Aloe and cancer



Who Is Father Romano Zago?

Father Romano Zago is a franciscan friar, born in Brasil in 1932. He was appointed professor of the seminary of Taquari but in 1991 he was sent to Israel where discovered the healing power of the aloe, used by poor people. He diffused this formula cured many people from serious diseases. Today he lives and works in Brasil.


The particularly successful formula was a result of its three ingredients: first and foremost aloe, then honey and also grappa. Why choose these ingredients; how come honey and grappa (or cognac and brandy) to accompany the properties of aloe? “The answer is simple” says the same Fr. Romano. And in fact the reason is straightforward. Honey, always counting on bee’s honey, natural and not added with artificials, has the ability to convey the healing faculties contained in the aloe juice to the remotest receptors of our organism, allowing the mixture to have an over-all beneficial effect. As regards grappa, the latter enlarges the blood- vessels facilitating the general purifying action of the organism. In this way blood can be purified, eliminating the infected substances. Furthermore, the human organism would not integrally absorb the viscous liquid rich in elements like aloina which would flow out when an aloe plant is etched, without melting the latter in distilled liquids.

How to prepare the mixture and when should it be taken – the reactions of our organism
And here is the definitive formula of Aloe Vera by Fr. Romano Zago.


Half a kilo of bee’s honey (biological honey of acacia)
40-50 ml (approximately 6 teaspoonfuls) of distilled liquid (Grappa, Cognac, whisky, etc..)
350-400 grams of Aloe Vera/Aloe Arborescens leaves.

How is it prepared?
The answer is given by Father Romano: “Take the thorns from the sides of the leaves and the powder deposited, making use of a dry cloth or a sponge. Cut the leaves in pieces (without removing the skin) and put these in the liquidizor together with the honey and the chosen distilled liquid. Liquidize well the mixture and it is soon ready to be consumed. The mixture is not to be filtered, nor heated but simply well conserved in the refridgerator inside a dark jar which would have been firmly closed”. The dosage advised by the Father is of a tablespoon of the mixture half an hour before every one of the three main meals. The mixture should be shaken before used. Once the first jar is finished, it is advisable to undergo a medical check-up to understand what stage the illness has reached. Based on the doctor’s feedback and following a few days of break, one can repeat the cycle of cure, until the complete elimination of the cancerous elements is achieved. The aloe used has to be a mature plant, thus at least four years old and it is important that honey is of excellent quality and above all natural, because of its characteristic as carrier of beneficial substances contained in aloe. As regards side effects as a result of aloe, Fr. Romano Zago points out that the latter should not frighten anyone. They represent in fact the expulsion, the complete liberation on the part of the organism of impure substances, and above all, when verified, have a limited duration of one to three days maximum. Those who take the aloe-based drink can thus experience skin rashes, diarrhoa or, in more serious cases, vomiting; but all, according to Fr. Romano, indicate that one is on the road to recovery. And that the efforts made would start reaping fruits . All can make use of the chemical mixture, even if the latter is not advised to pregnant women because of their particular condition.


“Honestly, I don’t presume to be considered the creator or the inventor of this method. Even less likely is it that I would present myself as the pioneer, or as the first who successfully applied this formula with positive results. It would not correspond to the truth. Others, much before me, have had the right to be given this title.” ( Di Cancro si puo’guarire” Adle ed. Padova, pg. 5). By these words Father Romano Zago underlines that he just made the formula known, but that he is not its inventor.
He simply discovered that poor people used the aloe for healing cancer and other serious illnesses. The merit of Fr. Zago is the diffusion of the popular formula in the world through his books, articles and experimentations. He brought to perfection the formula, administering it to an infinite number of people who suffered of cancer and of other diseases and couldn't afford medical expenses.

It was in Israel that he elaborated his discovery. The aloe vera present in abundance in the region, is the raw material on which he focused all his attention in his free time. “I already knew the plant in Brasil" he declared. "My mother gave it to us as a soothing agent when, as children, we used to get hurt while playing or for other physical problems. However, at that time, I had never suspected that such a small and diffused plant could have such great healing powers”.
Mixing together the syrup obtained from the juice of aloe leaves, bee’s honey and grappa would result in a composition with extraordinary healing powers.

Once back in Brasil in 1995, Father Romano Zago further diffused his formula and dedicated himself to his experimentation, He cured any kind of deseases such as cancer. Convinced by the numerous extraordinary recoveries, he assembled all his experiences in one book “ O Cancer tem cura” (One can recover from cancer, Italian edition, Adle, Padova), in which Fr. Romano exposes in the simplest and clearest of manners, the practice of cure from the “disease of the century ” through his drink based on aloe.

“Since some have cured themselves through the use of this simple and economic method, why not offer this same opportunity to more persons? This is my only objective” explains in his book. He relates also various witness accounts of people who underwent perfect recovery through the use of the above-mentioned mixture. In 1993 Fr. Romano Zago conceded the authorisation to a Brasilian industry to produce his aloe-based mixture under his name. This gave rise to the original drink according to the father’s ingredients which were then commercialised in many countries.


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